Reports and Debates
Reports and Debates

European Social Union: a public forum debate

A set of articles authored by high-level academic figures deals with the establishment of the European Social Union (ESU) from a policy and normative perspective. The aim of this issue is to let the dabte on the potentialities emerge during the run-up to the next European elections of May 2019.

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Should EU Citizenship be duty free? A debate

A report authored by high-level academic figures deals with the freedom of movement within the EU, and how to protect the rights of both the "movers" and the "stayers".

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«For the MFF 2021–2027, Member States have decided not to increase the EU budget, despite the adverse consequences that the Great Recession had on many European territories. As a consequence, cohesion policy, in 2021–2027, will be too small a blanket to cater to the needs of two distinct peripheries adequately.»