20 March 2019

A discussion with Philippe Lamberts, MEP and co-chair The Greens/EFA

In this podcast, Philippe Lamberts, MEP and co-chair of the Greens/EFA, discusses the prospects of a European Social Union. Lamberts highlights the contradictions of the Union between hard-economic policies and soft-social regulations. Trade unions could do a better job, he argues. Meanwhile, The Greens put a lot of social items into their manifesto, starting from a European Directive on Minimum Income.

Photo credits CC Flickr: Congress of local and regional authorities

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«We are faced with a specific far-right narrative of Europe, which presents a romanticised image of the continent, but which also sounds almost familiar by drawing on elements of Europe’s history such as its status and place in the world, its distinctiveness vis-à-vis other civilisations and its potential (and need) to come together in close union»