On November 10, 2015 Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron held a keynote speech at Chatham House, launching his proposals for the reform of the European Union. Using natural language processing techniques, we have analysed reactions to Cameron’s speech on the micro-blogging platform Twitter. We have focused, in particular, on the issue of intra-EU migration – arguably the most politically sensitive of the speech’s points – to see, first, if Cameron’s stance triggered a reaction and discussion on Twitter, and second whether such discussion was structured along clear lines of conflict.

We were able to separate groups expressing different types of criticism: 3,982 (46.5 per cent) tweets attacked Cameron while defending the principle of open borders in the EU, whereas 4,077 (47.5 per cent) opposed the PM by arguing for a closed borders scenario. The following interactive dashboard shows the distribution over time of different attitudes, top mentioned twitter profiles, and most shared media items.

Photo Credits CC: Eiimeon

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