18 November 2019

Should the EU citizenship be duty-free? A debate

The debate on the rights of the "stayers" vis-a-vis the rights of the "movers" has concluded. The final report is now available on EUVisions.

From Maastricht onwards, EU citizenship has coincided with the people’s right to enter the citizenship spaces of other Member States. Increasingly over time, the freedom of movement has been perceived as a source of strain on the nation-based welfare state.

From a potential problem, EU citizenship can become a building block of the emerging European Social Union, by balancing the rights of the movers with reforms that aim broadly at empowering the stayers.

In this Report, high-level academic figures discuss how much of this strain is real, and what possible EU solutions can be implemented.

Download the Final Report: Should EU citizenship be duty-free final


Photo credits CC Flickr European Parliament

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