From Friday 3 to Sunday 5 June 2016 EuVisions takes part in the 11th Edition of Trento’s Economics Festival, whose theme this year is “Where growth takes place”.

The controversial link between migrations and economic growth plays a major role in the European political debate: the word “Schengen” embodies many conflicts and contradictions surrounding the principle of free movement as part of the European construction.

Signed in 1985, the so called “Schengen agreement” led to the creation of a passport-free zone (the Schengen area), eliminating border checks among its members. Today Schengen rules are a core part of the EU law. This achievement is nowadays at risk under the double pressure of migration flows at the external borders of the EU and the concerns about the multiple terrorist attacks in European cities.

On the occasion of Trento’s Economics Festival, we have prepared an interactive infographic to show Schengen related conversations and hashtags on Twitter from January to May 2016, across EU member states.

[Use your tablet in landscape view for a better experience].

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Photo Credits CC: Arno Langenfeld 

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