Slovakia – Economic growth: figures

According to Slovakia’s Finance Ministry, the country’s economy should gradually accelerate in the years to come. This year’s GDP should grow by 3.2%, while next year, figures talk about an acceleration of 3.7%, and 4.1% in 2018. The inflation forecast has been revised too: consumer prices should drop by 0.3% (while they were expected to rise by 0.2 percent in January).

Source: The Slovak Spectator, 22/06/2016

UK – Brexit: German viewpoint

For the Spiegel, if the UK does decide to leave the European Union, Germany would be forced to take on a leadership role it never actually desired. The German newspaper stated that “[w]e need them because they are part of the community of pragmatic, reasonable countries and because they are politically, culturally and economically similar to us Germans”, and argues that only with the UK in, can Europe be led into a new future. The pro-Brexit camp believes that they will maintain single market economic advantages but according to the Spiegel, without EU membership such an option is almost impossible.

Source: Spiegel Online, 22/06/2016


“I am a deeply patriotic person about this country. We have not been invaded for a thousand years, we have got institutions that serve us well. I don’t want to give that up to some sort of united Europe and that’s not what we are going to do. We are out of the euro, out of ever closer union, we are proud Brits. But frankly we achieve more if we are in these organisations fighting for British interests and values.”

David Cameron, UK Prime Minister

Source: The Guardian, 22/06/2016



The number of jobs that could be lost in the Flanders in case of Brexit.

Source: Flanders News, 22/06/2016


The number of foreigners that have been granted citizenship by Bulgaria in the last five years.

Source: Novinite, 22/06/2016

Photo Credits CC: UK in Latvia

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