UK – Brexit: Sad consequences

After the fatal attack to Labour MP Jo Cox, the referendum battle has been suspended on both sides. George Osborne has noted how England differs from many others nations since its parliamentary democracy permits “accessibility of MPs to the people they represent”. Values such as freedom and justice have nonetheless been betrayed after this tragic event. It is clear now that the tone of the referendum campaign has become too hostile and that senior figures might have lost control of the situation.

Source: The Guardian, 16/06/2016

Slovakia – EU Presidency: German approval

German Chancellor Angela Merkel declared that she believes Slovakia will do a great work in presiding the EU Council of Ministers. The two countries have different opinions on important topics such as the management of refugees, but they have the same position on the EU’s agreement with Turkey agreement, and both think EU borders should be defended. For the presidency, Robert Fico, the Slovak Prime Minister, intends to focus on strengthening Europe economically and enhancing the benefits of the common market.

Source: The Slovak Spectator, 16/06/2016


“The pound is roughly where it has been. It is no lower today than it has been in the last few months. I seem to remember the pound fell sharply on the day when I said I was going to support the leave campaign but we have just seen record employment figures and British exports are doing well.”

Boris Johnson, former London mayor

Source: The Guardian, 16/06/2016


20.5 billion

The sum earned in 2015 by the Netherlands from exporting goods and services to Britain

Source: Dutch News, 17/06/2016

7.5 billion

The bailout funds for Greece authorized by the Eurozone’s financial crisis resolution.

Source: Ekathimerini, 17/06/2016

Photo  Credits CC: BackBoris2012 Campaign Team 

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