Sweden – Employment: Foreigners

In 107 out of 290 Swedish municipalities, 30% of people born outside Sweden are unemployed. In contrast to previous years, twelve municipalities have unemployment rates higher than 50%. Unemployment is expected to rise among foreigners due to the increased number of new immigrants. Indeed, the national employment agency Arbetsformedlingen has predicted that by 2017 six out of ten Swedish unemployed will be foreigners.

Source: The Local, 13/06/2016

UK – Brexit: Regional opinions

Euroscepticism runs deep in Cornwall even though the region appears to benefit from the EU more than any other. According to the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly local enterprise partnership, if the UK remains in the EU, by 2020 Cornwall will have obtained £2.5bn from the Union, either directly or thanks to private funding. Nonetheless, five out of six Cornish MPs believe Britain should leave the EU. Like elsewhere, Brexiteers are suspicious of the EU and are worried about immigration.

Source: The Guardian, 13/06/2016


“From now until 10pm on 23 June, we will not rest and I will not stop explaining why 9 million Labour voters have most to gain from remaining in the EU (…) After weeks of warnings about the risks of leaving the EU, Labour now hopes to switch the arguments to the benefits of staying in.”

Gordon Brown, former UK prime Minister

Source: The Guardian, 13/06/2016



The number of migrants rescued off the coast of Sicily last weekend.

Source: The Local, 13/06/2016


The number by which the average number of pensioners decreased in Q1 2016 in Romania.

Source: Agerpres, 13/06/2016

Photo Credits CC: World Bank Photo Collection 

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