UK – Brexit: Bank of England

The Bank of England is preparing for a possible Brexit by launching funding operations that will ensure British commercial banks liquidity to face any confusion produced by political uncertainties. The Bank has prepared a plan in case the UK decides to leave the EU that foresees meetings between the Bank’s main decision-making bodies and which expects the financial policy committee to ensure that no crisis take place again as occurred in the past.

Source: The Guardian, 5/06/2016

The Netherlands – Nexit: Polls

Opinion polls in the Netherlands show that a majority of Dutch are for EU membership. Almost 4 out of 10 believe there should be a referendum, but in case of vote the majority would vote vote against a potential Nexit. According to a TNS Nipo poll, 54% of Dutch voters consider themselves EU supporters, while 28% are EU opponents. 38% believe there should be a referendum, 28% are against it and the rest are “undecided”.

Source: Dutch News, 6/06/2016


“It is a triple whammy of woe: the eurozone is being strangled by stagnation, unemployment and a lack of growth, it could explode at any time and we will be forced to bail it out. The botched bureaucratic response to the migration crisis means the Eurocrats are demanding even more of our money. And now we find that there is £20bn billion black hole in the EU’s finances.”

Boris Johnson, former Mayor of London

Source: Bbc, 6/06/2016



The monthly minimum wage in Malta.

Source: Times of Malta, 2/05/2016


The percentage of Daily Telegraph subscribers who want Brexit.

Source: The Guardian, 6/06/2016

Photo Credits CC: David Holt 

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