Political briefing #5/2016


Greece – Debt crisis: Grexit?

It appears that before an agreement with lenders was reached last July, the Syriza-led government considered other funding options and even contemplated the idea of printing a new currency. However, no formal proposition was ever formulated, since Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras wanted to avoid the social upheaval that such a decision could have caused. Nonetheless, Deputy Prime Minister Dragasakis and former energy minister Lafazanis, who guided Syriza’s Left Platform at the time, totally deny this episode, mainaining that ‘there is an attempt by some people to rewrite history.’

Source: Ekathimerini, 24/01/2016

France – Working hours: increase competiton

According to the French economy Minister Macron, the 35-hour work week will be ended since it restrains economic competition. Indeed, he declared that the law written by Labour Minister El Khomri would allow employers to arrange overtime rates according to company requests–in other words including a lower amount than the current legal minimum. However, Macron also added that workplace agreements will have to win the support of an absolute majority of work councils’ representatives.

Source: Rfi English, 23/01/2016


“We need a strategic reflection regarding the assumptions, not the values, the models not the methods, of the European project. Among others, the reach and soft power of the Union; a new design for political coherence in Europe; immigration policies; the effects of globalisation; the mix of state and private sector; not least in the areas of job creation. (…) Unfortunately events may have shown that the assumptions and models we follow no longer fit the realities. They refer to economic and social realities of the past.“

Alfred Sant, former PM of Malta

Source: Times of Malta, 25/01/2016



The percentage by which Malta’s debt has been reduced in the third quarter of 2015 year compared to the previous year.

Source: Times of Malta, 23/01/2016

19 million

The amount of euros that is spent each year for the pension of former MPs in Greece.

Source: Ekathimerini, 22/01/2016


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