Belgium – Trade Unions: Protests

Workers of the socialist trade union ABVV (Algemene Centrale) have scheduled a general strike to be held at the end of June. Workers are mainly protesting against government cuts in social security. A major demonstration should take place in late May and, should the government decide to ignore it, a national strike will be organised, including the disruption of rail and airport services.

Source: Flanders News, 30/04/2016

EU – Refugee crisis: Turkey

The European Union has decided to implement a plan that will grant Turkish citizens visa-free travel to its territory. The decision was taken to reward Turkey for its collaboration in reducing refugee and migrant flows into Europe. On Wednesday, the EU will declare that Turkey has satisfied the criteria for early visa liberalization. Even though many member states remain quite sceptical about the move, the Turkish government has made it clear that it will not take “later” for an answer.

Source: Ekathimerini, 1/05/2016


“A good and happy life should not be something for a small group of privileged people. It should be possible for everyone. This is what 1 May is about. For more than 100 years. However, our ministers have not understood this very well. … Your policies should be fair, aimed at all the people, and you have to give hope to our youngsters. You are failing on all 3 accounts. We are really fed up, we need more fairness”.

John Crombez, leader of the Flemish Socialist party

Source: Flanders News, 1/05/2016



The number of “emergency” jobs that will be created by the Swedish government by 2020.
Source: The Local, 1/05/2016


The increase in the number of homeless children in Dublin over the past 12 months.
Source: Irish Times, 29/04/2016

Photo Credits CC: The Irish Labour Party


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