EU – Pension funds: Risk assessment

The European Union has recently rejected plans that foresaw bloc-wide capital regimes and proposed instead checks for pension funds in order to assure that they are solid enough in the face of low interest rates. According to the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA), an EU-wide solvency regime would not be appropriate since possible negative impacts could materialize. However, it has been agreed that common risk assessments should be conducted by pensions funds in order to foresee possible consequences.

Source: Times of Malta, 15/04/2016

Slovakia – Panama Papers: EU laws

According to the Slovak Spectator, there are links between Panama Papers and some Slovak businesses, some of which were involved in some of the biggest political scandals of recent years. The Panama Papers scandal has raised important questions regarding tax avoidance. The EU has responded through a plan requiring large multinationals to present earned profits and paid taxes in every EU country. Nevertheless, business development consultant Milan Seliak believes that a distinction should be made between what can be considered legal and illegal. According to Seliak, if a company is looking for a place with better business conditions, the whole procedure should not be sanctioned.

Source: The Slovak Spectator, 15/04/2016


“I want to end austerity. Voters want prosperity, not austerity. It’s a sobering thought that the reductions in planned spending made by the coalition and the current government are not as big as the total sums we have sent to the EU and not received back over the same time period. If we leave the EU we will regain control of our own money. We could increase existing budgets and end the upcoming reductions”.

John Redwood, British Conservative Party politician

Source: The Guardian, 14/04/2016



The percentage by which the Finnish economy is expected to grow this year.

Source: Yle, 14/04/2016


The number of financial services jobs that could be lost in the UK as a result of Brexit.

Source: The Guardian, 14/04/2016

Photo Credits CC:Gideon Benari 

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