Greece – Reform Plans: Strikes

As a protest against the government’s pension reform plans, the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority – which includes air traffic controllers – will participate in a strike called by ADEDY, the country’s public sector union, on Thursday. As a consequence, there will be no commercial flights to or from Athens on that day. Meanwhile, port workers declared that a strike will be held on Friday in order to protest against the planned privatization of the Piraues and Thessaloniki port authorities.

Source: Ekathimerini, 5/04/2016 and 5/04/2016

Romania – EU Eastern Partnership: More consolidation

According to Leonard Orban, an advisor to Romania’s president, the EU can achieve peace and stability only if Eastern European countries obtain it first. Since the EU Association Agreement has been signed, some progresses have been made. Nonetheless, Orban denounces the presence of widespread corruption and the lack of political reforms in the region. To tackle these shortcomings, Orban suggests to implement a “penalties and reward” system to put pressure on political decision-makers via influencing public opinion in these countries.

Source: Agerpres, 5/04/2016

Ireland – Brexit: Possible consequences

According to Mary C. Murphy, a political scientist of the University College Cork, Ireland’s lack of a government is hindering the preparation of contingency plans for the country in the event of Brexit. Murphy stresses the need for the incoming government to consider the long term effects on such an event. It is calculated that UK-Ireland trade amounts to €1 billion a week.

Source: Irish Times, 5/04/2016


“[Leaving the European Union would be] an act of economic and political self-harm. (…) If we take the Canada free trade deal as a guide, we know it would be damaging for agriculture and manufacturing (…) Our beef and pork exports would face tariffs, and our car manufacturers forced to comply with rules imposing additional costs based on where they buy their components. And of course, there is British steel. We are doing everything we can to help British steel in these difficult times, but the idea that leaving Europe is the answer is a dangerous fallacy: more than half of our steel exports go to Europe”.

David Cameron, UK Prime Minister

Source: The Guardian, 5/04/2016



The amount of money that UK farmers could lose every year should the country decide to leave the EU.

Source: The Guardian, 5/04/2016


The number of migrants rescued by the Romanian Border Police as part of their Frontex mission.

Source: Agerpres, 5/04/2016

Photo Credits CC: Number 10

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