Political Briefing #20/2016


Sweden – Startups: Records

In 2015, almost 2000 Swedish inventions have been approved by the European Patent office (EPO), a record for the country. The number of inventions has increased by 13.7% since 2014 regardless a 0.9% decrease in the total number of applications submitted. Telecom company Ericsson applied for 1283 patents alone in 2015 and companies such as Scania, Electrolux, SKF and Volvo around 150 and 223 each. According to EPO, Sweden is one of the most favourable places in Europe to submit an application.

Source: The Local, 3/03/2016

EU – Refugee crisis: Urgent solution required

According to Sweden’s prime minister, Stefan Löfven, if the refugee crisis is not resolved, the EU might eventually collapse. It is necessary that Turkey does more and that cooperation among countries is strengthened. Supporting Greece is fundamental according to the President of European Council, Donald Tusk, and there is no such thing as an alternative to Schengen. Sweden declared that it would extend the border checks to lower the flow of refugees.

Source: The Local, 4/03/2016

UK – Brexit: Economics consequences

Tony Walker, deputy managing director of Toyota UK operations, has declared that if Britain leaves the EU, the company will be forced to make significant cutbacks. According to Walker, Brexit could diminish the factories’ competitiveness and create uncertainty. The carmaker is currently employing 3,500 people in the UK factories. Even though 90% of Toyota’s cars made in the UK are exported, costs would be high if the UK decides to leave the EU.

Source: The guardian, 3/03/2016


“The monetary union generated a conflict between a centralised elite on one side and the forces of national democracy on the other (…) The counter-argument – that leaving the euro would provoke the collapse of life patterns and provoke uncertainty over the survival of the monetary union – has real weight, (…) if the alternative is an austerity that smothers, the continuation of mass unemployment and the absence of an end in sight from debt, then leaving the euro could be the only way to return to growth and full employment. The long term benefits overcome the short term costs”.

Lord King, former governor of the Bank of England

 Source: Portugal Resident, 3/03/2016



The number of Romanians that leave the country every year to work abroad.

Source: Agerpres, 3/03/2016



The percentage of Hungarian company leaders that expect the Hungarian economy to grow (among the 155 interviewed for PwC’s annual survey).

Source: Bbj, 3/03/2016

Photo Credits CC: International Monetary Fund

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