Political briefing #2/2015


Slovenia – EU: Against mini-Schengen

Miro Cerar, the Slovenian prime minister, stated that ‘mini-Schengen does not exist and will not come into existence’. He argued that this was just an idea promoted by the opposition and the media, which will not take place.

Source: STA, 14/12/2015

Estonia – Social care: From the public to the family purse

The Estonian prime minister has announced that social spending will increase by more than 5 percent, from €3.4 billion to almost €3.6 billion. The additional money will be used to boost three-child families, promote child protection, better benefits for the poor, increase pensioners’ revenue and finance accommodation for asylum seekers.

Source: Postimees, 14/12/2015

Denmark – Border controls: No more bridge!

Sweden announced last week that it intends to toughen border regime between Denmark and Sweden and as a consequence close the Öresund Bridge. As a result, Denmark protested, arguing that this will undo years of expensive marketing for the region. Indeed, quite some money has been spent so far to brand Copenhagen and Malmo as a single metropolitan area, and many people are dependent on such connection.

Source: The Local, 14/12/2015


“Until the end of June, beginning of July we had the negotiations with the Greek government (…) It was a crucial test for us and the eurozone as a whole. In the end our finance minister played a decisive role as he was continuously pressing for there to a programme that would be based on the criteria that were, and continue to be, important for us: No aid without conditionality. Responsibility and solidarity go together and it must remain this way”.

Angela Merkel, German Chancellor.

Source: Ekathimerini, 14/12/2015



The million euros that the European Union has pledged to spend on a housing scheme for migrants and asylum seekers stranded in Greece.

Source: The Daily Mail, 14/12/2015


The number of Irish women who went to Britain for abortions between 2010 and 2014.

Source: The Irish Time, 14/12/2015

Photo credits CC: Philipp

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