Political Briefing #1/2015


Denmark – Justice and EU:More EU? No thanks

Danes solidly rejected EU justice rules in referendum. The referedum proposed to replace its opt-out on EU justice and home affairs with an ‘opt-in’ model but the ‘No’ side received 53.1% of votes against 46.9% of ‘yes’ votes. As a consequence, Denmark might now have to leave Europol, the EU’s law enforcement agency.

Source: The Wall Street Journal, 3/12/2015

Poland – Health sector: Seniors’ benefits

The Polish health minister Konstanty Radziwill has announced that variousfree medications will be available to all citizens aged above 75 years.
Source: Radio Poland, 3/12/2015

Source: Radio Poland, 3/12/2015


 “We were facing an acute humanitarian crisis situation that demanded immediate action. But that isn’t the core of the problem. We all have to accept accusations that we ignored the refugee crisis for far too long”.

Martin Schulz, President of the European Parliament

Source: Der Spiegel, 1/12/2015



The percentage of teaching and research staff at Britain’s 132 universities that are non-British EU nationals, including some of the most highly regarded researchers in the country. A Brexit could drastically lower these numbers.

Source: The Guardian, 11/11/2015

Photo Credits CC: Parti socialiste

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