8 April 2019

Maria João Rodrigues: “What we need is a fully fledged European Social Union” (video)

In this interview, EuVisions discusses the prospects of a European Social Union with Maria João Rodrigues, Vice-President of the S&D Groups at the European Parliament.

The “European Social Union: a public forum debate” is an editorial project dealing with the possible establishment of a European Social Union (ESU), the prospects of the European Pillar of Social Rights (EPSR) and the role that the latter might play as one of ESU’s key components.

A set of articles authored by high-level academic figures discussed the raison d’être of ESU, the EPSR and their mutual link from a variety of perspectives.

Crafting the ESU: towards a roadmap for delivery

by Maurizio Ferrera, University of Milan

At the end of his introductory contribution to this debate, Vandenbroucke invites a reflection on priority selection and on a possible “roadmap for delivery” – building in particular on the European Pillar of Social Rights (EPSR). In this contribution, I want to pick up this invitation and make a proposal on how the bold intellectual idea of a European Social Union could be turned into institutional practice.

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In parallel with the publication of these in-depth articles EuVisions will produce a second set of contents, involving policymakers and top officials. This second series of contents will take the form of strong podcast- and video-interviews.

European Social Union: video-interview series

The aim of the editorial project is to let the potentials of ESU and the EPSR emerge during the run-up to the next European elections of May 2019.

EuVisions aims at involving key national and European media outlets, as well as think tanks and universities to maximise the reach of this debate.

European Social Union: podcast series

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