On April 14, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn held a long awaited speech outlining the party’s position with respect to the EU referendum to be held on June 23. In order to analyze Twitter’s reaction, we used NLP techniques to sort tweets into different categories. After discarding irrelevant tweets, we separated attitudinal tweets – i.e. tweets containing some kind of reaction to the speech or the speaker – from news recast or merely descriptive tweets. We then separated tweets expressing a negative sentiment or disagreement with Corbyn from the rest. We also separated tweets coming from leftist tweeters from the rest. By classifying tweets’ metadata, we identified 1,528 users as “leftists” and 1,761 as “non-leftists”.

The following interactive dashboard shows the distribution of tweets by different attitudes, user’s political orientation, and most used hashtags.


Photo Credits CC: Chris Beckett 

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