The Analyses section provides brief research notes relating to four main streams: social media, political visions, public opinion and policy focus.

Social media
21 May 2018

Twitter and the politicisation of ‘Europe’ in the 2018 Italian election campaign

To get an overview of the stance different political parties have on Europe and the extent to which European integration was politicised in the run-up to the 2018 elections, we followed Italy’s election campaign on Twitter from February 19th up to election day. The Democratic Party (PD) presented itself as the ‘only alternative’ to the anti-European populism and the sovereignist closure that characterizes its competitors.

Policy focus
7 May 2018

Social policy in the European Union: from high hopes to high yields

A roadmap for the implementation of the Pillar should be tabled by the European Commission in the near future. Debates such as a Framework Directive on minimum income schemes or the setting-up of a common unemployment scheme could be relaunched. Furthermore, the commitment to fight poverty and social exclusion should be restated and concretised through more effective actions.

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«An alternative view of non-homogenizing integration needs to put the emphasis on the historical, psychological and social characteristics of a plural Europe. This should translate into policy programming reconciling unity and diversity by means of an inclusive political pact of the member states involved.»