Hungary – Economic growth: ECB

In the Convergence Report 2016, the ECB has stated that Hungary needs to boost its level of potential growth by promoting economic policies that are focused on private sector growth. The ECB suggests to improve the quality of public institutions and to reevaluate the disproportionate tax burden on the private sector. Moreover, analysing the specific case of the National Bank of Hungary, it appears that Hungary’s law system is not in accordance with all the requirements for central bank independence and for the prohibition on monetary financing. Convergence on these issues is fundamental for successfully adopting the euro.

Source: Bbj, 8/06/2016

Romania – Economic situation: World Bank data

According to the World Bank’s biannual “Global Economic Prospects” report, estimates of Romania’s economic growth have been changed from 3.9% to 4%. However, estimates of GDP growth have been altered downwardly from 3.7% in 2017 to 3.4% in 2018. Eurostat announces that, with a GDP growth of 1.6 percent in Q1, 2016, Romania reports the highest economic growth rate compared to the rest of European Union member states.

Source: Agerpres, 8/06/2016


“And here’s what really happens if we leave, of course we’d still want to sell into that single market, so we’d still have to meet all the rules and the regulations that Brussels lays down but we won’t be at the table, we’ll be like a country with our ear and our face pressed up against the glass trying to find out what’s happening with the other 27 countries making rules that affect our country”

David Cameron, British Prime Minister

Source: Euronews, 8/06/2016



The number of millions invested by the Dutch government to tackle high unemployment rates among the over-50.

Source: Dutchnews, 8/06/2016

HUF 100 billion

The amount of money by which the Monetary Council of the National Bank of Hungary decided to raise the limit of its Funding for Growth scheme.
Source: Bbj, 8/06/2016

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