EU – Brexit: Referendum

Yanis Varoufakis, former Greek Finance minister will join the shadow chancellor John McDonnell and Green party MP Caroline Lucas in a left-wing “In” campaign. “Another Europe is possible” aims at persuading leftwingers to vote to stay in the EU: an event chaired by Varoufakis in London will inaugurate the tour. Varoufakis recently warned against the economic consequences of Brexit, and argued that a victory of the “Leave” option would pave the way to far-right parties such as Golden Dawn in Greece.

Source: The Guardian, 16/05/2016

Belgium – Prisons: Protests

Since Justice Minister Koen Geens did not reach a deal with trade unions on Friday, the strike of prison wardens in jails across Wallonia and Brussels will continue until next Tuesday, thus entering its 4th week. Trade unionists protest against austerity plans whereas Minister Geens argues that both prison guards and trade unions are focusing exclusively on staff numbers rather than looking at infrastructures, working climate, inmate policies and so on. In the meanwhile, the situation is becoming untenable for both police, inmates and soldiers who had to replace guards.

Source: Flanders News, 14/05/2016


 “I think if I were from Britain I would probably […] I would not want it, I would want to go back to the different system”.

Donald Trump, Republican candidate for 2016 U.S. Presidential elections, suggesting he would back a Brexit if he had a vote in the referendum on June 23

Source: The Telegraph, 15/05/2016



The number of protests and rallies that took place in Athens between 2011 and 2015.

Source: Ekathimerini, 15/05/2016


The number of years since the swearing-in of the first democratically elected government in Slovenia.

Source: STA, 16/05/2016

Photo Credits CC: Gage Skidmore 

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