Political Briefing #4/2015


European Union – Highways: EU’s financing

Jan Po?iatek – Slovakian prime minister – has announced that, after complex negotiations with the European Commission, they managed to come up with a plan for building extensive infrastructure projects. More precisely, the EU will finance the initial phases of three highways: D1 Hri?ovskéPodhradie-LietavskáLú?ka; D1 Hubová-Ivachnová; and R2 Zvolen Východ (East)-Pstruša. The EU will contribute more than €150 million towards these projects.

Source: The Slovak Spectator, 17/12/2015

Greece – Firms relocation

According to figures by the National Confederation of Hellenic Commerce, more than 60.000 Greek firms have decided to relocate their business to Bulgaria since last summer. This phenomenon was intensified in the summer by the introduction of capital controls, the temporary bank closure and other types of economic restrictions in Greece. Greece has now €3.6 billion in assets in Bulgaria, making it the third largest investor in the country.

Source: Novinite, 22/12/2015


[The results of the Spanish elections are] “very interesting, because as has already happened in Greece and Portugal, governments which apply rigid austerity measures, even if these are accompanied by positive results, are destined to lose the majority”.

Matteo Renzi, Italian Prime Minister

 Source: The Local, 21/12/2015



The value in million of euros of Polish exports to Malta between January and October 2015.

Source: Timesofmalta, 18/12/2015



The percentage by which wages in Hungary are going to be raised by foreign-owned companies.

Source: Budapest Business Journal, 17/12/2015

Photo credits CC: European Parliament

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