Jürgen Gerhards


Jürgen Gerhards is Professor of Sociology at the Freie Universität Berlin. His research interests include comparative cultural sociology, and sociology of European integration. His most recent publications include Social Class and Transnational Human Capital. How Upper and Middle Class Parents Prepare Their Children for Globalization (Routledge, 2017, with S. Hans & S. Carlson); European Citizenship and Social Integration in the European Union (Routledge, 2015, with H. Lengfeld); Transnational Linguistic Capital. Explaining English Proficiency in 27 Countries (International Sociology, 2014); European Integration, Equality Rights and People’s Beliefs. (European Sociological Review, 2013, with H. Lengfeld); Free to Move? The Acceptance of Free Movement of Labour and Non-Discrimination among Citizens of Europe (European Societies, 2008); From Hasan to Herbert: Name Giving Patterns of Immigrant Parents between Acculturation and Ethnic Maintenance (American Journal of Sociology, 2009, with S. Hans).

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