Holger Lengfeld


Holger Lengfeld is Professor of Sociology at Leipzig University and Research Fellow at the German Institute of Economic Research Berlin. His research focuses on social stratification, inequality and European social integration. Among his publications are Drifting Apart or Converging? Grades of Non-traditional and Traditional Students over the Course of Their Studies (Higher Education, 2017, with T. Brändle); Do European Citizens Support the Idea of a European Welfare State? (International Sociology, 2016, with J. Gerhards & J. Häuberer); The Long Shadow of Occupation: Volunteering in Retirement (Rationality and Society, 2016, with J. Ordemann); European Citizenship and Social Integration in the European Union (Routledge, 2015, with J. Gerhards); The Growing Remit of the EU in Climate Change Policy and Citizens’ Support across the Union (Journal of European Social Policy, 2008, with J. Gerhards).

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