Brexit Referendum

Keeping his 2015 electoral promise, the United Kingdom’s Prime Minister David Cameron has recently called a referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union for June 23, 2016. The announcement came shortly after the conclusion of the February 18-19 European Council meeting, in which Cameron and its European counterparts reached a renegotiation agreement on the UK’s membership terms. The agreement includes, most prominently, the possibility of an “emergency brake” on welfare benefits for EU migrants, more autonomy in the area of financial regulation, and an exemption from the goal of an “ever closer union”. The “Brexit” referendum will ask UK voters whether they want their country to remain in the EU under these new conditions or, conversely, leave the Union altogether.

This timeline follows the 100 days before the referendum by documenting events, statements, positions and ideas on both sides of the campaign within the UK, but also political reactions outside the country. The Brexit referendum is just the latest chapter in the historically troubled relationship between Britain and its European partners—one which, however, could have tremendous consequences for the future of both sides.



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