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  • Ordoliberalism as an Irritating German Idea?

    Ordoliberalism as an Irritating German Idea?

    A number of distinguished scholars from Germany and elsewhere have gathered in Berlin to try and dissect the origins, nature and consequence the so-called ordoliberalism.

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  • Political Briefing #87/2016

    Political Briefing #87/2016

    The Brexit debate continues to be one of the main concerns of British and European politicians, as well as the refugee crisis. In other news, as we are approaching the official date set for the signature of the CETA treaty, discussions on free trade are gaining more prominence in Europe.

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  • Ideas Monitor #37/2016

    Ideas Monitor #37/2016

    This week we look at the widespread criticisms directed at “hard Brexiteers”, and the challenge of right-wing movements in Europe.

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